People who are interested in an active lifestyle with single european women have at least heard of couple yoga, but not everyone knows what it is.  The existence of the yoga tradition itself dates back not just hundreds of years, but entire millennia. No wonder that during all this time many directions and subtypes have brunched out of it. Of the main ones, one can distinguish jnana, karma, bhakti, raja and hatha yoga. All types of yoga are nothing but the paths for spiritual unity with the Higher (from the very word "yoga" - connection). Only the methods for achieving this alliance in each direction are different.

  • Asanas – the base of hatha yoga

So, in hatha yoga, which is especially popular in our time in the West, the movement on the path to enlightenment passes through the practice of asanas - a set of physical exercises. Practicing these asanas, that is changing the position of the body, we change the directions of the energy flows. Exercise is primarily aimed at achieving peace and relaxation, which is a prerequisite for the practice of meditation and leads to the liberation of the mind. The point is that consciousness can overcome its limits, rise above the mundane and go to the area where thoughts end and something completely different begins.

It turns out that the physical aspect, unreasonably revered by many, is not paramount even in the practice of hatha yoga as such. Asanas - this is only a method that allows a practitioner to go beyond the usual worldview, reveal consciousness and feel the connection with everything inherent in every person.

  • Directions inside hatha yoga. The origin of couple yoga

Speaking of hatha yoga, it should be noted that many other directions have appeared on the base of it as the time was passing, for example, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, as well as the well-known kundalini, integral yoga, and many others. 

Each of them elaborates in detail various aspects of the yogic tradition, offers new views, and sometimes methods on the path to achieving perfection. So couple yoga is undoubtedly based on the traditions of hatha yoga, enriched this ancient practice. Introduced novelty and even a certain enthusiasm into it.

  • Couple yoga - a new creative approach to ancient yogic traditions

The essence of couple yoga is that the well-known asanas from hatha yoga can be performed not only solo but also jointly, as well as in mini-groups of 3-4 people. Moreover, this is not just the synchronous performance of the same positions, but also a new creative understanding of the long-known asanas performed in tandem with other participants.

To start practicing a couple yoga, you just need to find a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance one who would share your views on lifestyle and this practice. It is not necessary to have a loved one to start practicing it, contrary to what many people think. Maybe this option is suitable for those people whose partner shares the same views and interests. But if this is not so, or for some other reason this option is impossible, then just finding a colleague who is interested in yoga and leads the same lifestyle, you can easily organize classes in pairs and discover the horizons of couple yoga. Before proceeding to it, however, it is recommended to visit at least a few classes of individual yoga to have a basic knowledge of this art.